July 13, 2021

What we need from the documentation platform

We are making documentation for the Flipper Zero project — open source multi-tool hardware for developers and geeks. There is a lot of topics that need to cover in docs: device usage for all features, firmware architecture, hardware architecture, developers manual, etc...

Multi Language 🇺🇸🇮🇹

All documentation will be translated to 5 languages at least with SEO friendly URL schemas like:

docs.flipperzero.one/ru/article # russian

docs.flipperzero.one/en/article # english

docs.flipperzero.one/ja/article # japanese

Fancy language switch button

We need fancy language switch button on all pages

Large sections

We have several big sections of documentations and need to split documentation to big chapters like:

  • Usage — documentation for regular users that covers 10 big chapters: NFC, Infrared, RFID, etc..
  • Firmware development — documentation for programmers
  • Hardware development — documentation for electronic engineers

User contribution

Any user should be able to edit the documentation and suggest changes like Pull Requests in any opensource project.